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FPF Show Schedule

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Fox Pointe Farm VHSA Associate

Horse Shows ~ 2021-2022

December 18- Jennifer Traylor (VHSA) - Canceled

March 19- Danielle Russell (VHSA)

April 24- Edee Mcgregor (VHSA/CVHS)

July 23rd - Mary Upshur (VHSA) - Canceled

August 27- Kimberlea Gilberto (VHSA)

October 16- Jennifer Traylor (VHSA)

Start time 8:00 am

-Schooling 7:00-10:00 Ring 1

-Schooling 7:00-8:00 Ring 2

Warm-ups all day. Ring 2 open for schooling after beginner divisions till end of day.

Fox Pointe Farm - 2022 Year End Awards

Walk/Trot Equitation
Sponsored by The Ennas Family
Champion:  Ellie Rice - Little Wolf Flower
Reserve:  Sadie Shephard - Skye's the Limit

Pony Pleasure
Sponsored by The Sirles Family
Champion:  Faith Hynes - Applause
Reserve:  Lucy Burnett - Lost My Sock


Horse Pleasure
Sponsored by The Nogueras Family
Champion:  Faith Hynes - Interstellar
Reserve:  Theron Staub - Sleeping in My Jeans

Special Hunter
Sponsored by Silvercore
Champion:  Alyssa Ennas
Reserve:  Faith Hynes - Interstellar

VHSA Short-Stirrup
Sponsored by The Hynes Family
Champion:  Lily Jenkins - Ever So Clever
Reserve:  Sophie Flannery - Think Appy Thoughts

Baby Green Hunter
Sponsored by The Adorned Willows Marketplace
Champion:  Lizzy Hudson - Top of the Class
Reserve:  Ava Sirles - Sensational

Open Equitation
Sponsored by Cul's Courthouse Grill
Champion: Devon Francis
Reserve:  Ava Sirles

Eq on the Flat High Point Rider
Champion: Faith Hynes
Reserve:  Devon Francis

Congratulations Riders!!!

March 19th, 2022 Show Results

Winners march 1.JPG
Winners march 2.JPG

April 24th, 2022 Show Results

Results 1 April.JPG
Results 2 April.JPG

October 16th, 2022 Show Results

August 27th, 2022 Show Results

August Show 1.JPG
August Show 2.JPG

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